Shanxi Carbon-Chem is a professional company
engaging in the production, research ,supply and
marketing of activated carbons.
With manufacturing base in Datong, Ningxia and Xin
-jiang, the company's knowledge and experience over
15 years in activated carbon field has driven high levels
of repeat business over the years,with customers rentent
-ion of almost 100 percent.
The company can manufacture hundreds of different speci-
fications of activated carbon like pulverized, pellet and gra
-nular types according to or equivalent to JIS ,ASTM,DIN.
The company also can manufacture and supply acid wash
-ed activated carbon and impregnated activated carbon.
With experts, qualified workers and fully equipped lab the co
-mpany not only devotes itself to manufacturing and supplying
of good quality activated carbon ,but also to exploring new type
of activated carbon and innovation of ready activated carbon to
meet some special and new requirements.
Also the company can supply other chemicals for