Activated Carbon is a kind of material, which now is widely used in water treatment, gas treatment,decolorization and other fields. Nowadays some new types of Activated Carbon for new uses has been explored, for example as blood filter in medicine, as protection material sticked on cloth for military use.
Usually Activated Carbon can be made of coal, charcoal, bone, and other material.
A/. Activated Carbon made of coal ---
a). Bituminous
b). Anthracite
c). Lignite
In brief Activated Carbon from coal has main uses, listing as follows:
1/. Activated Carbon for Water Treatment
2/. Activated Carbon for Air (Gas) Treatment
3/. Activated Carbon for Solvent Recovery
4/. Activated Carbon for using as Catalyst Carrier
5/. Activated Carbon for protection use Filling in Mask
6/. Other uses

B/. Activated Carbon made of charcoal ---
a). Wood
b).Nut shells like Walnut shell,Coconut shell

Activated Carbon from charcoal is mainly used:
1/. For purification, decolorization, deodorization and removal of impurities
in the fields of MSG, sugar, starch sugar and pigment etc.
2/. For purification, decolorization, removal of impurities in the fields of
pharmaceutical industry, beverage industry etc
3/. For decolorization, refinement in the fields of various food syrups, fruit
juices, various acids etc.
4/. For water purification
5/. For gold distillation and other valuable metals
6/. For other uses

C/. Activated Carbon made from other material like bone, pitch

  Nowadays in many fields coal based carbon has been used instead of wood based carbon due to coal based carbon’s superior quality and low cost.